There are many ways to start a health journey but for the purposes of this article I would like to discuss beginning a health journey with a new diet plan. The term diet plan is very broad and because of this I will discus the 2 most common plan types which are: one is receiving a standardized or custom plan from a nutritionist and the second is getting educated in a diet paradigm after which you have the option of designing your own diet plan. With both of these options its possible to succeed but also many people get stuck. I would like to propose that its very understandable to get stuck and I will propose that health coaching is the solution for people who are stuck.

The most common standard diet plan is the food pyramid or my plate. These two plans are informed by the scientists who were chosen by politicians and who come to a consensus about the parameters of a diet which they recommend to the public in their health interest. When a diet is constructed outside of the person doing the diet it will definitely have issues because every human is different. Also in the case of the diet having adverse effects to the person then its hard to argue with an expert. Many people who succeed with these diets do so because their experiments outside the diet finally succeed. A health coach cant help you interrogate an expert but they can remind you that you are the main driver and therefore your best chance for success.

Many people receive health education from school, a diet book or a private in person or online health course. The courses instructor job is to be an expert which gives the students as much information as possible to students about how to think about diet and health. They point to people which they know have succeed in the past and present which were able to succeed because they “followed” a certain path. If the education is present in an honest process in which students are encouraged to question everything then the student has the best and most tools possible in order to succeed. The student can still come to problems because of course it is impossible for the instructor to have enough time to cover every possible situation which can come up with in a health journey. In this case a health coach can help fill in the gaps in education by either respect education and also collaboratively with you as they help you untangle where you went astray.

I am in the process of adding health courses to this website. The purpose is to be able to download all of my health knowledge in a helpful way to my followers. Some of the education will be free and some of the courses will have a fee. My hope to is achieve as much health as possible without you needing health coaching. In the end however there is no way to guarantee success. My hope is that the convenience of the education coming from a health coach that understands his limited powers to affect your health. However I am excited and an anticipating to learn of the moment in which you realize that the power was always in your hands.

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