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I am Joel Perez, a life loving husband and father to a wonderful and rambunctious girl.

In my early thirties I realized that it was no longer ok to be carrying all the extra weight. I knew the consequences had become too large. I sought medical care but they only offered me the same advice. Eat less and move more. I knew that I needed more than that.

I can remember thinking I was already educated enough about health and nutrition but at the same time I new that my body was actually suffering. Its depressing to become unhealthy especially when you put so much effort in all facets of your life. Your go to becomes, be stricter and more stricter but the results in you suffering physically and emotionally.

Other than getting more strict with myself I also attempted to get help from the legacy health care system. An expert, a Doctor, told me to eat less and move more. I felt betrayed. Doesn’t he know I already tried that, and if so was that yet another punch in the gut. I don’t know his intention but what I do know is that he was giving me everything he was trained to do.

At this point I decided to use my science and health training to find a better solution. I researched extensively for a better way to diet and this led me to find the paleo diet. The principals I came to learn made sense to me and I decided that I needed to try it on myself to be sure. With a this experimental mindset and also with the motivation from my coaches I was able to help myself back to health.

When I work with clients I know they are probably coming from attempt after attempt of doing the right things. We don’t dwell on mistakes. We do explore the things they are really good at. We also talk about and build on whats going right.

I am a dad, battling a dad bod. Im not perfect but my training was great. My health coach training was from the world class Kresser Institute, I matriculated and since then I am an Adapt Certified Functional Health Coach.

Furthermore as of December 2022 I am now a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. The Certification was a warded to me after proving my competence in an exam given by the same medical board that tests Medical Doctors.

Before becoming a dad I was a working scientist. I used my generalist Biology training to bring a clearer sense to complex problems that others couldn’t solve. I enjoy finding elegant solutions to messy problems. If you work with me you will learn how to find elegant solutions to your complex health issues.

I you are ready to begin your health journey I invite you to book a one on on health coaching intro session. To find out more about what health coaching is read this .

Today I work with many people that have similar issues. I help them the way that my coaches helped me, with information and motivation. They regain health to what ever degree that is most helpful to them. They regain mental clarity and they regain the feeling of being able to control their own health.

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