Take your Health as Seriously as your Career.

Your biggest health goals, In your hands, literally.

“None of the following is really ultimately about me.”

Role: Coach (me)

I offer a professional relationship in which I will help you use your own values and resources in order to create plans for your own goals. I aim to be your facilitator, most often asking questions and offering support as the you experiment with different strategies to make progress toward your own goals

Role: Client ( you)

The most important role in coaching is the client. Only the client is the expert about what is going on in their own lives. As the coach you are most important to me. My wish is that as the client you are focused on learning and digging deeper inside yourself to make your dreams a reality.

Will you be giving me advice?

As an Adapt Certified Functional Health Coach I have the ability to guide you through some of the technical science behind weight loss and general health questions. However most of my my job is to explore what you already know. You are the only person that will know what works for you.

Seems like I will be doing most of the work, what gives?

Rest assured I will be working hard on your side to keep you on track. In addition to our coaching sessions I will act as an accountability partner. I will make sure we set up ways so that when you are struggling , if you struggle, that you never feel alone.

What are you, some big softy?

Im not here to kick you when you are down. I will hold a mirror up so that you can see what you already know. Change is needed, that’s why I’m here.

I need to be challenged.

Only 10 percent of people that need to change the lifestyle habits are currently ready for change. I am also interested in the other 90 percent or people who know they need to change but are not ready to seek professional help. I can work with all motivation levels.

How do we meet?

At this time I prefer to meet on a video call. I currently use Zoom Meeting app It is a simple app that you can open up on your smart phone or computer. If data is an issue or you don’t have access to the internet. We can meet over the phone using voice only.

Is it expensive?

Health coaching can cost between $60 and $120 dollars. However at this time I am on a sliding scale. Please let me know what you thought you would be paying before you read this post. I will consider all offers at this time.

Do you offer group coaching?

Yes coaching can be done in groups or teams.

Will you offer health seminars?

I will be offering seminars.

Is it therapy?

No. Therapy is oriented around diagnosed conditions. They are concerned with problematic feelings. Therapists have a deep understanding of scientifically tested theories about mental states. They help clients get emotionally out of their own way. Coaches fundamentally see all clients as fully capable. We are cheerleaders, but we make you work. We ask hard questions and make you come up with a plan. We watch for progress and make new goals based on the client’s feedback.

Will you give me a meal plan?

I will be posting about diets, recipes and generalized meals plans. However only clinicians can give personalized meal plans. I can also work closely with your clinicians to make sure you are eating the write types of foods that they prescribe for you. I can answer almost any question you may have about food.

How about exercise?

I love exercising, how about you? Just kidding. I will be posting about various human movements modalities. I believe that the body has an innate need to move. As I am not currently certified to prescribe specific exercises at this time. I can refer you to a network of excellent exercise professionals.

Easy Pricing Makes me better.”

What is a Sliding scale?

There Is A $50 – $15 Per Session Sliding Scale. This Means I’d Love To Receive $50 Per Session For My Sustainability, But I Understand That This Is Not Affordable For Everyone, Hence The Sliding Scale Starting At $15 Per Session. I Welcome Any Amount Within This Range. Payment Methods Listed Below. (Also, During This Time Of Lay-Offs And Financial Uncertainty, I Invite You To Treat The Sliding Scale As $5 – $14 If You Cannot Current Afford $15)

Why I don’t offer Coaching Packages.

I don’t offer coaching packages because I find that I can never guess how many coaching sessions that a client might need. If you are interested in paying for multiple sessions up front I can offer you a 10% discount.

Why group coaching costs less than one on one coaching.

Group coaching can be more affordable because the cost of my time is able to be split up between multiple people. Group sizes can range from 2 to 6 people at a time. Its a good idea to book groups of people who are acquainted but its not necessary. Be on the lookout for group offerings. However if you don’t see it offered at the moment go ahead and contact me and I can tell you if I can do one for your group or if I have one that’s coming up.

Virtual Health Classes

Are you interested in learning about functional health so that you can get healthy on your own? Great, I am working on a virtual health class. Sign up below with your email address so that I know are waiting.