As a student of the Kresser Institutes Adapt Academy for Health Coaching  I received extensive training in Functional Health— which uses an ancestral approach to diet, physical activity, sleep, and stress management. Along with that I had extensive training in the Art and Science of Mindfulness and Meditation.

As a person living in today’s fast and lose society I often hear how hard it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Its understandable of course when you take into account that we often have to spend hours commuting and often have responsibilities with work and family. Then when we take time to actually do for ourselves we often cant seem to accomplish all that we set out to do. 

I would propose that its not how fast you able to accomplish this task. Its more likely that you spent some of that time in a mind movie. Thinking about a loved one or a project left undone at work. This thinking is usually unnecessarily troubling. Usually those issues can wait. If it were a real emergency you would be there. 

Our brains are so powerful that thoughts actually affect you physiologically. You may have felt your heart rate increasing when thinking of something troubling or even watching a scary movie. This affect is actually a brain feature rather than a defect. Even though you are not in any real danger you body reacts according to your scary thought. 

Unhelpful thoughts can be troubling to you physically but more importantly for this blog post its can also get in the way your journey to better health and in particular with the potential results you could have with the help of a health coach. Here are the 3 fives of Using mindfulness to accomplish health goals:

Since coaching is billed by the hour its important to get value out of every second of it. A skillful coach will help you maintain focus by making sure you are fully checked in to the coaching session:
5 ways mindfulness will help you get more our of coaching:

  1. A coach that is knowledgeable about mindfulness will always make this the center of any health improvement plan because he is aware to the immense benefit it would be for his clients. 
  2. A successful session with a coach often incorporates a short mindfulness practice either during or immediately before a session. This will help you have clear mind so that you can fully be aware your own thoughts, need and feelings. 
  3. If you as a client can reduce time sucking and unhelpful thinking throughout the day you will have more time to accomplish the goals you set with a coach.
  4. A skillful coach can help you be more skillful at doing everyday task more mindfuly. With this new skill, accomplishing your health goals will become much easier.
  5. Although a coach should never assign a client too many tasks to accomplish, a client can learn to be more efficient through out the day by spending less time thinking unhelpful thoughts.

If a client seems to be having trouble accomplishing the goals we set for him or her I often find that we decide tightening up the clients mindfulness practice is a good place to start remedying the issue the client may be having. Often I suggest the following tips:
5 helpful tips to help you begin living mindfully

  1. Wear jewelry, like a wedding ring. is not just fashionable it is also a helpful object that is easily accessible to use anywhere and anytime you start having unhelpful thoughts. Simply tap the ring which reminds you to push away unhelpful thinking.
  2. Take extra time ans care to look around your surroundings, noticing details that you would have missed by just casually passing by. This ocupies the mind and helps you be aware of your own power to control thinking.
  3. Get adequate sleep and eat adequately,  a satiated mind is more open to helpful thinking. 
  4. Take little body check-in breaks throughout the day. This could be a dancing, doing yoga or even praticing a golf swing. Take note of every detail, how your body is feeling and performing.
  5. Try an electric toothbrush, sometimes as soon as we wake up our minds go to the tasks you would like to get to throughout the day. An electric toothbrush will help focus your mind at the task at hand. 

Accomplishing health goals can be challenging to do alone. That is why I recomend using the services of a health coach like myself. But even if your not ready to seek out a health coach, dont let this stop you from trying a mindfulness practice.
Here are 5 reasons why:

5 Mindfulness advantages. 

  1. Mindfulness helps you avoid useless thoughts
  2. Mindfulness helps you be more present for the things that are important
  3. Things accomplished mindfully are more enjoyable both during and after completion
  4. Mindfullness helps you get more out of your day
  5. You can learn new skills more easily. Often we delay doing new tasks because of unnecesary fears and thinking.

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