Julie Saint-Clair

“I’m a health coach, web designer and author. 

I’ve booked my 1st coaching session with Joel because I was moving to a new place – a very small city – with my boyfriend and I knew that I would need support in these times of changes. I was used to living in a big city (90 000 people) and I was about to move to a small village of 3000 people… It scared me… I was afraid to be alone, meet nobody… And I knew that if I didn’t get support, my health would suffer : I was going to find hard to motivate myself to keep a steady workout routine, eat as healthy as possible, have a regular sleep schedule and so on. So I booked Joel to find some stability in chaotic time. 

I came to these sessions thinking that I would get health coaching. But what I found is so much more than just health coaching. Joel really is a LIFE coach, integrating the body, the emotional side and the mind in his practice. 

I’ve done 5 coaching sessions with him so far. A session every two week. And now, I’m doing a listening session every month to keep me going. 

Each time, Joel asks me the right (the tough) questions that helps me see what my roadblocks are and he helps me craft a plan to overcome and manage them. 

Since I started the sessions with him, I’ve managed to finish writing my new book (50 000 words), start studying for a yoga teacher training, workout 3 times a week consistently, do 20 min to 40 min of yoga daily, cook homemade meals everyday, publish a blog post each week consistently.

Most importantly, I’ve learned what my priorities are. I’ve learned how to make time for the 2 things that matters the most to me : my relationships and my work. Before the sessions with Joel I was a real workaholic, working 24/7, even on weekends. My relationships suffered from that. It wasn’t balanced. 

Now, I allow myself to take a nap during the day if I need it. I also allow myself to have a full day free of work each week so that I can be with my family and my friends. 

When you’ll work with Joel, be prepared to answer the tough questions. Be prepared to look honestly at your life and think through your priorities. Most importantly, be ready to shift your mindset and adjust your daily habits and routines to support you. Joel is a real life coach. He will ask you the right questions, never letting you down or judging you and you’ll leave the sessions with a lighter, happier heart. And a lot of motivation to do what you love. 

It’s a pleasure to work with Joel. Book him if you want to learn about yourself and become a more balanced, healthy and light-hearted person. He’s an excellent coach and I’ve already recommended him to a few friends.”  

– Julie Saint-Clair, Paris, France

Published by Joel Perez

Joel Perez, Health Coach and Author (wannabe), is a former environmental science laboratory tech and allied health professional. Joel has transformed his own life through an ancestral diet approach and is now eager to start transforming thousands of lives as a Health Coach.

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