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  • The 2 Faces of Successful Coaching, Positive And Negative Motivation

    Why talk about negative motivation? In my work I use positive psychology to keep my clients successful on their health journey and I leave negative motivation out. Many other coaches like to promote negative motivation. I will explain where negative motivation comes from and why its only a small part of the way that I […]

  • How to lock in and perform while being carnivore.

    We all have important times in our lives when performance has its highest stakes. Its at this time when you question everything you did to get ready, including the diet you ate. As a Pro Health and Wellness coach and former competitive athlete I understand what thought process you go through. Whether you are in […]

  • Health success and reasons to avoid giving advice.

    Health coaching is about helping clients achieve their goals through a process of self-awareness, goal setting and action planning. It’s not just about telling someone what to do; rather, it’s about helping them understand why they’re doing things and what they want to change. One of the reasons that I am a health coach is […]