About Me

My Path to Coaching

I’m a very lucky person to have the life experience that I have had. I was lucky to be raised for a short time in Mexico and for the majority of my life I have lived in Southern California.

The reason I am lucky is that experience made me experience some pretty interesting health experiences. As an infant I discovered Montezuma’s revenge, as I was born in the US and taken by my parents to Mexico to be raised.

When we came back in the US I had the immigrant experience in that the western diet had me always be on the huskier side as a young boy. Then as a college student when I truly was immersed in American culture I ballooned in weight.

    I am not saying this to criticize the American way because of course other countries (most) today are just like the US. I say this because at least in me it caused me to critically think about the way we modern humans eat and the effects our diets have on our health.

    To continue my story. My weight continued to rise after college. At one point in my early 30’s I became tired of being unhealthy and decided to go in search of a permanent solution.

Through my research I had to rely on my scientific knowledge and general BS detector to wade through health claims.

I hoped that some institution was actually following science that made sense and at this  point I at least knew that the recommendation my the Food pyramid and health plate were not actually healthy and actually probably contributing to my health issues.

    As dumb as this may sound I never thought, as a holder of a  biology degree that the solution lied in Evolution. I found a gym in Monrovia that actually endorsed following a diet that was more similar to the diet of my ancestors.

The trainers in the gym were not diet experts, they were cross fit coaches. Their major strength was openness and providing accountability to anybody who was willing to take it, and  I was ready.

    The diet and exercise worked and to be honest I didn’t know why I was losing so much weight but other around weren’t having the same success.

At this point is when I started longing for a way to help others. Other than having my own gym, which is a model I thought needed improvement even though it worked for me.

    In 2018 I had an idea that I mentioned to a friend about how to help people. I said wouldn’t it be great if I could be a health consultant to people. The thing that would make me different is that people would actually like taking advice from me.

I loved this idea but I didn’t know how to do it. I have always been a shy person but at the same time very empathetic. I knew that is I worked with someone and if I somehow hurt their feelings while they were having a hard time with their health journey that I would be devastated.

    Luckily later that year I started hearing Chris Kresser talk about a profession that he was championing because it could change the healthcare model and actually succeed in healing millions of people of chronic disease.

The way he described it it sounded an awful like the exact thing I mentioned to my friend. Only he was explaining the hard part. Speaking to people is a skill. Listening is a skill. Being open is a skill. Empathy can be practiced. He also talked about the people that were actually suffering and how to deal when they come to you and need to vent. Because change is hard.

Giving Hope to others who struggle like I did

When I work with clients I know they are probably coming from attempt after attempt of doing the right things. We don’t dwell on mistakes. We do explore the things they are really good at. We also talk about and build on whats going right.

I am a dad, battling a dad bod. I’m not perfect but my training was great. My health coach training was from the world class Kresser Institute, I matriculated and since then I am an Adapt Certified Functional Health Coach.

My Evolutionary Toolbox

Before becoming a dad and a coach I was a working scientist. I used my generalist Biology training to bring a clearer sense to complex problems that others couldn’t solve.

I enjoy finding elegant solutions to messy problems. If you work with me, you will learn how to find elegant solutions to your own complex health issues.

Its Time for you to Act.

If you are ready to begin your health journey I invite you to book a one on on health coaching intro session. To find out more about what health coaching is read this or this .

If you are still unsure beginning your journey with me then I invite you to sign up for my free online health reset course.

By following the online course you can DIY yourself back to health with the hopefully new information that I have for you about health. If you have trouble with the course your fall back could be group or one on one coaching.


  • Surgical Technology, 2003, Premiere College
  • Biology, B.S., 2007, Loyola Marymount University
  • Instructor, Level 1, 2013 Movnat
  • Health Coach, 2020, Kresser Institute


  • Tackle Football, Pee-wee to High School
  • Power Lifting, High School
  • Crossfit, 2011-2015
  • Trail Racing 2011-2015
  • Olympic Weight Lifting 2015-2017

Career High Lights

  • Performed in the Surgical Tech role at 2 level 1 trauma Centers
  • Environmental Science Lab Tech, 5 Years, 2007-2012
  • Geotechnical Science Tech, 5 Years, 2013-2018

If you have any questions please use the form below to contact me directly.

“I tried coaching because: I needed help, courage, time, risk, faith, and assessing whether this would serve my greater good..”

Brandon Brown