Are you looking for an edge in high-stakes competition? Having your diet dialed in might be the key among others factors as well.

We all have important times in our lives when performance has its highest stakes. Its at this time when you question everything you did to get ready, including the diet you ate. As a Pro Health and Wellness coach and former competitive athlete I understand what thought process you go through.

Whether you are in an athletic competition or about to take a big exam you are going to feel nervous. Before today you have been picturing yourself doing well and hopefully perform better than you ever have before.

Learning how to control emotions and developing mental toughness and resilience is essential when competing in high-stakes competitions. ogten times when training has been adequate to the level of

As you prepare for your high stakes competition, it’s essential to develop strategies so you stay calm and focused on the goal.

If you do put enough importance on your diet then you are probably like this.

The question of diet has to be divided in at least 2 camps. The first camp is a fairly recent transition to a diet within 2 years. The second camp is someone who is well past 2 years and is almost certainly going to stick with a diet. The person with the most experience, all else being equal should perform the best. The experienced dieter knows what to expect and has already competed in their current form more times than the other.

Here a 5 things both types of competitors will feel:

  1. Impostor syndrome: That is the feeling you have when you start to doubt all the things you did that aren’t clear whether they will mean anything in the moment. For example certifications or other ceremonial accomplishments which simulate readiness for something. Having the doubt and thinking others would doubt you can be inspiring but could also cloud judgments in critical times.
  2. Joy: Being in the competition or big test means the hard preparation is over. If your preparation was planned right you probably were tested yourself as hard as you could to be ready. Finally there is a final test.
  3. Boredom: If you are not cheering or helping load weight or as in an exam there is just you, then you will probably be really bored. If you are bored it can mean you might not love the thing you are doing as much as you thought. But it can also be sign of your focus and preparedness and the fact that today you only get 1 try to make it right.
  4. Setbacks: Things happen and you can practice enough to minimize the danger but you can’t control the whole world no matter how hard you try. Planning to fail or planning what to do in case of failure is something everyone needs to do.
  5. Grateful: Its possible you may have bragged or mentioned to your friends a few time that your big day was coming up. You were hoping they could make it. You told them about how much you practiced. Also with your coach or instructor you probably asked them for assurance that you are actually ready for this. And on the day you needed it somebody if not everybody actually came to cheer you on.

Follow Your Dreams

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