One of the things that people dread when seeing the doctor is whenever they have to speak up about something they are concerned over. This has nothing to do with trusting the clinician. Its also not because you don’t have the ability to articulate what is going on with you. The remedy for this is space.

Doctors visits are too short

In 2007 the average doctors visit lasted 17 minutes. This accounts for about 6 minutes of talking for the patients and 6 minutes for the clinician. The time the clinician spends discussing habits is 3 minutes. ON top of this you may only see your doctor 4 times a year.

Tips to make most of doctors visit.

  • Medical Tests: Be sure to understand what the doctor is telling you about your medical tests. Sometimes high numbers are good and sometime high numbers are bad. What are the concerns if any and the next steps.
  • Diagnosis: Be sure to know if a diagnosis was officially reached. Sometimes further testing is needed. Be sure to know what the doctor has declared you have.
  • Medications: If the doctor is prescribing medications be sure to ask about the side effects and the effects on other substances that you take.

Other important topics to discuss

Its important to bring up all subjects that may be troubling you about your health. The Doctor may be in a hurry but its important to hear their opinion. Sometimes the doctors visit isn’t enough time to discuss your thought fully. This is where you can hire a health coach like me.

3 awesome things that are great about talking with a health coach.

  1. You get space to talk. You will be surprised how many quiet times you spend with a health coach. He are very good at asking tough questions that will really make you think. Rather that try to ask and answer for you we let you think. Trust me this is a good thing.
  2. You lead the discussion. My biggest job as a health coach is to always be talking about the most important thing that you want to talk about. Not only are we aware that you will open up over time. But we also know you are the expert of your life and not us.
  3. Its more affordable. When you see a doctor its very expensive. The great thing is you may have insurance. The other great thing is that they are great and they have great answers for you. A coach is more affordable not because we aren’t smart. Its because we know you are smart and capable. We cost less and its still great because you are the greatest force for health that you already own. Health coaches help you unlock your inner power which is priceless.

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