Its difficult to make a diet change when its based on something your not used to thinking about. The diet can be reasonable like a Paleo diet. But when people start to question to you this could cause some anxiety.

This is troubling because you may have had trouble in the past with your health. This trouble might have been due to bad health advice. And now you might have come upon a solution that you think is right for you.

The Paleo diet is either very simple and in some cases it is a difficult diet for people to follow. Using the services provided in this website like Health coaching, and online health reset courses you could be very successful no matter who you are.

However well you are navigating the diet, eventually you will be in a social situation where you will be questioned about what you are eating.

Here are some things you may feel when being questioned about your health choices:

  • anxiety: You may feel that you are a representative of the diet. In order to not mislead or give the wrong advice. You may not have had any concern about something that is very important to them but not you.
  • fear: You may be questioned by someone who has a concern, for example an environmental concern. You may have looked into this and have an answer bu tin the moment the stance of the other person has caused you to feel timid about speaking up.
  • care: You may have a reaction from someone who thinks that their situation is very similar to yours. They may ask many questions, basically trying to figure out how they are going to do the same thing as you in order to get the same results.
  • sadness: You may come to know someone for whom the exact diet didn’t work. They may try to trouble shoot what they did with you. They may try to joke that oh that part was too hard, possibly impossible to do for them.

Composure vs getting bothered by comments.

The composure you need will be built up over time. The key is actually mindfulness. As a health coach and as someone who has personal experience with this I can keep my composure. Also I can help anybody through coaching to be as successful as I was.

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