During your health journey you may be amazed by how much you feel better physically. You begin to see how important the food you eat really is. This can be contrasted by opposing views that you hear coming from influence’s and documentaries. You may be compelled to find out more with your own eyes.

The feelings you have once you are beginning to get healthy are very strong. You may not have had much formal education in nutrition or maybe you have. The point is you had the wrong idea about the food you were eating. If you had know more or had a stronger connection to your food you might have fared better.

In contrast without you really knowing you may come to the realization that a conflict is happening in communities representing basically two sides of a food war. The same food you owe your health to. This compels you to want more information because you have your own feelings and they have helped you care more about your food and not looking for conflicts.

You may be wondering how I know. It is because I went through this. I decided to go out and meet farmers who reminded me of my grandparents who were farmers also. Here are 3 of the people that I met:

  1. Oscar de Leon of Claremont Farmers Market
    Oscar is a really nice person. When I told him that I wanted to be a health coach to help other people get healthy he listened and asked me how he could help. I felt he really cared. Oscar business is setting up Farmers Markets in various cities. He works with farmers and artisans who would like to set up in his Farmers Markets. He also deals with inspectors who come to ask farmers for documentation about the organic claims they make.
  2. Phil Noble of Sage Mountain Farm Phil is the most noble person you will ever meet. He is the actual farmer. The reason I say this is because many farmers pay workers to sell at their stands. When I met Phil he was working his own stand which is not usual but I’m glad he did. Phil sells meat, fruits, and vegetables. When I had questions about the meat I felt the love and humility he expressed. We became good friends. I came to know his family and he expressed to me when he was having issues at his farm because he knew I cared.
  3. Jeff Miller at Diamond Mountain Farm Jeff is also a noble person and his farm at the time only sold meat. When I met Jeff I had just switched to a meat based diet so it was a good while ago. From what I remember he had just bought his farm from another farmer and I think he really stepped the farm up to another level as the previous owner had gotten tired. Although I had tried bison before this my first time meeting a bison farmer and that to me was really neat. Needless to say I really loved eating bison though I could not afford to eat only that at the time.

This article was a real joy for me. Looking back at my own journey to health and to a better connection to food is so valuable to me. I hope you like it too.

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