Being invited to a special event can cause anxiety especially when we are in the middle of a health transformation because you might lack or feel that you might lack the ability to get back on track afterwards which could lead to you losing hard earned gains. Supervision by a health coach could help to prepare you for this occurrence. There are plenty reasons to feel anxiety and the special events of our life need and should not be the reason you put off your health journey. By contrast they can be useful to remember the special journey you going through along with all the other great things about your life.

Here is a list of 5 of the things that cause anxiety and we typically use as an excuse to not hire a health coach.

  1. You are worried that you might not like the coach. Maybe its because of a bad experience with a coach or trainer but you might not have the will to go through such an unpleasant experience especially when the stakes of your health on the line. Those experiences are real and deserve time to unravel but will not be the focus of this article. The way I propose to help my clients providing a no strings attacked intake session. The first session with me in a longer conversation than usual. In this session there will be 3 parts a nice to meet you, ask an anything and a short sample coaching session. My hope is that this is enough time to decided if we want to work with each other. If we don’t we go our separate way and if we do then I bill you for the first session and each session after that you will be required to pay before the next session.
  2. You are worried about how much money you will be able to invest.
    Spending resources on yourself is a question all of us ask, especially with inflation and other factors. In this case the stakes are higher because you know you need to get healthier but you have limited resources. Most health coaches would like clients to commit by paying up front for a set amount of sessions. The reasoning is to motivate you. As someone who always was money motivated/hungry/insecure I can attest to the magnitude of a barrier this would be posed to me. I also know what it felt like to be expecting the extra cash (think tips) to come in before being able to afford a luxury. For this reason I only ask that you commit to a set session rate. To be clear I would expect you to continue until you have reached a comfortable point in your journey, however I do understand if you need to pause in the middle if funds need to be earned. Hopefully though you think of this before we start and commit to a lower rate that will be doable, and consistently.
  3. You are worried about how much extra time everything will take.
    Everyone is of course limited by time, especially well lived. Most likely time management will be included in what will be discussed during a coaching session. Where as the previous 2 wont be discussed as much as they occur essentially before engaging a health coach. The great thing is if time is a big factor which is currently limiting you than you might be surprised about how much extra time you really have. You will not be surprised however is that coaching session only take 45 minutes and sometimes less. They are scheduled when you want from the time slots available.
  4. You are worried what will suffer because of your shifted attention.
    Things only improve if we pay attention to them. The reasonable to thing to think is that something else could go wrong because the healthy thing is just to much. This is something else that is a coaching topic. I want to reiterate that because I want to express its importance and vitality. As a health coach your total well being is important to me. If something not health related requires your attention than I insist we attend to it during our sessions. You are human and you come as a package, non health related stuff and all.
  5. Your worried who you will be once you’ve succeeded.
    Your anticipation about what you will be like once your healthy. This is an important topic that we tackle early in coaching. I help you discuss the way in which you in vision your healthy future. I help you add detail and color at the positive things that will be newly in your life. In this way I will remind you as you go that you are doing the hard things because you said you wanted it and I hold you to it. If anything negative that you see coming up we focus on the opposite so you stay focused on that.

Anxiety is an important human super power. It helps you focus on the most important things. If its danger it help you react to get out of it. Sometimes your mind attaches anxiety to good things for a variety of reasons. A health coach helps you with this by giving you space to explore your own thoughts. Our main super power after all is facilitating the transformation that you want and not the one you don’t.

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