Forgetting to do the healthy thing can be very destructive to you when you are trying to succeed in health. Often you can be very hard on yourself for not doing something that was supposed to be very important to you. Having a positive voice that only has your success in mind can be helpful in this case. Also there are many ways we forget to take care of ourselves so I’d like to give you a friendly reminder.

Self talk being destructive. Turn internal thoughts inside out.

One day you will forget to do the healthy thing. Its something that helps people who are on a health journey and when you are not. Here are things you might say to yourself that aren’t helpful but I’d like to discuss the real feelings that arise as well.

Example: You must not really want it Obviously its not true that you don’t want it. If you hear that from someone or if you say it its important to take apart what you or they might be feeling in order so that you can take an action. Here is my attempt to take a hypothetical apart. “I’m scared that you wont succeed. I need you in my life because you complete me.” The response could be, “I’m sad also that I messed up, I want to be around with you too, and I will try not to forget. Please understand that I might forget again in the future.”

That example is something you can learn to do with a skilled health coach. Its a way to mediate strong feelings. When we let feelings go unheard it can get in the way of success.

A positive voice to work with especially in the debrief after a success or failure

The knee jerk reaction to someone who is used to negative coaches is that you cant work with someone who is just too positive all the time. I’d like to explain that I don’t really mean it in the way you are thinking. I also don’t think most coaches are negative in the way you might be thinking.

If you are currently working with a coach. On a follow up session you are either really exited about your success or upset about a failure. Its very important obviously for a coach who has worked with many people that a coach is able to deal with ups and downs. I am constantly preparing. I am fully aware of my emotions and your need to to emote as well.

You may still be wondering about the positivism. Your concern may be about the balance of positive and negative. This also goes with my previous point. Balance is important to me too. Also though I want to make sure you see what occurred fully. This isn’t just about seeing the bright side. Its certainly possible to fully fail. Journey’s are full of failures and wins. I help my clients see a clear picture so they can move on and you will.

These are 5 common things we forget in the “Self Care” category.

  1. Food: Keeping your diet healthy requires a lot of prep and planning. Often the planning could be unpleasant. Attaching the work that keeps your food healthy to positive thoughts can help you remember.
  2. Vitamins: The works of vitamins is huge. If you don’t know which vitamins you need that’s one thing but there might be some you know you need. Having vitamins stocked and taking them as often as you need requires work to develop as habit.
  3. Pleasure: This is a subject we are not usually encouraged to even think about. There are people that aren’t sure what gives them pleasure. Its something we need to remember to explore and when we know we need to remember to actually do it in our lives.
  4. Doing your beloved hobby: Hobbies are a lot of time learned as children. Hopefully most of us were able to develop one as a child. Rediscover your hobbies and find new ones as well.
  5. Sleep: Sleep is something that a lot of people think they are doing fine. Its not until you begin a health journey and realize how sleep can help you in the other areas that people begin to learn that they aren’t doing it right. If you don’t feel great after a night a sleep try to improve this tomorrow.

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