I’m not saying you cant have success without a health coach. I just understand the emotions that happen to people who are undergoing a health journey. Many people every Monday decide to try a new health habit and many people don’t make all the way through the week and most all don’t make it all the way through to a terminal goal. This article will try to cover some emotions that a person will feel if they are unable to get out of the start phase of a health transformation.

When the stakes of winning at health are sky high

When we decide to begin a healthy diet it might be a casual thing but it can also be an emergency situation.You can have feelings of fear, for example of losing independence or a reduced function or capacity.

You can go from feeling hopeful, almost as though you witnessed a miracle. The though of a simple lifestyle habit being your ticket to health. You might expect it to now be easy but you feel that your motivation will see you through.

When you get through Monday just fine

You feel courageous on Monday and you actually prepared on Sunday to tackle the whole week with the new habit. Monday begins and you start to feel anticipation. You wonder how great you will look and feel once you reach you goal.

In the case of changing diet you have meal after snack after meal. You expect and maybe do feel different right away.

When Tuesday comes, things start to feel strangely normal.

On Tuesday you notice that you have been in a dream state. You see that the normal things you got done in your previous life aren’t getting done. You decide that you have to turn more attention to those things which are also important to you. Your beginning to feel fearful of not succeeding.

By Wednesday you begin to feel yourself drift away from the habit.

On Wednesday you fully intended to continue your new habit but your muscle memory took over. It all kind of just happens and you don’t notice it. Your emotions are the same ones your used to feeling.

Not until Saturday that you notice our week went off the rails fairly early.

On Saturday you feel as if you just woke up from a dream. In some ways its like every Saturday usually is. You get into a quiet moment and you begin to access your life. Its another week that you health didn’t improve but this time you really tried. You feel really sad.

Knowing Most health habits fail doesn’t make you feel better.

Look up CDC percentages of the number of people who begin a diet and fail. You might also look up various health gurus that will say that other diets fail because its not the one that they are promoting. All of this is useful to know but this time your not just reading about it. It happened to you.

Why is it like this and how health coaches help.

There are many reasons human being like you fail at healthy habits. Here are 2:

  1. Your unique. The habit you found and that your were positive would work didn’t work on you. This isn’t something new to you and the commendable thing is you new that and took a chance. Health coaches don’t always suggest and when they do and they turn out to be wrong it. The way we make up for it is our ability to help clients
  2. You tried to many changes at once When you become exited about an idea for health habit you decide give it all a go. Health coaches help clients explore what the change might be like. Just by making you stop and verbalize a change it will help the client see the reality they are about to embark in. Also when making goals with a health coach we decide in advance exactly the kind of win that your willing to accept. Its possible in fact that a you and the coach decide that getting through Monday would be enough for this week and maybe next week we try getting through to Thursday.

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