Your decision to begin a health journey is unique to you buts it can seem like a task to big for you to take apart on your own. As you are deep in though about whatever that thing is you might lose sight that this decision will someday be dwarfed by the amazing life that you will have created for yourself. Your life will be amazing because you will have accomplished some or most of your health goals. Even though that will be great it doesn’t mean you wont ever face a big decision like that again along your journey.

Health Coach

Making big decisions with the help of a someone like a health coach can help making decisions easier now and in the future. When you work with a health coach its our job to help you see everything in front of you in black and white. What I mean is that the decision will be made so clearly in your mind that you will see the logic and the process in which you made it.

Decision Tool box

Every decision made with a health coach will become a tool in your toolbox. When a situation arises in your life you will be able to think back on the way you were able to decide a path that worked. I’m not suggesting that the same solution will work exactly but at least you wont be starting from scratch.

When problems get really big

Its not uncommon for really big health problems to arise after getting healthy. As you get the taste of what healthy feels like you should become more aware and non dismissing of things that you used to just let go. In these cases you can still use the lessons learned to help you find a solutions but you also have the option to begin working with a coach again.

Importance of open ended Coaching Program

In my practice I offer open ended coaching. Although I do think that Most people will achieve results after about 6 coaching sessions or in about 2 months I don’t require clients to see me for that long. I believe that part of being internally motivated is the ability for the client to know when they have had enough coaching. This usually means the client feels ready to tackle problem on their own. Also as mentioned before I always leave the option for the client to schedule in the future when a specific issue arises for them.

What are some problems in the way of your achieving health?

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