As you ponder your health journey you are probably thinking if you will be one of those people who improve overnight or if you will be one of those who arrive at health in a more obligate and intentional pace with many plateaus. The difference in those paths may seem very different but they are very similar in the amount of drama you will experience.

If you have a quick and seemingly miraculous health improvement here are 8 feelings you may experience during and after the journey. I include both positive and negative in order to provide a fuller picture:

  1. Proud. Are you feeling proud about your resilience and planning.
  2. Glad. Are you glad that you chose the right group fitness gym or supplement.
  3. Appreciation/Awe. Are you in awe of the discovery made in a lab by wonderful scientists.
  4. Embarrassed. When you fail
  5. Lonely. Because you had to rebuild portions of your life
  6. Courage. Because you don’t let negatives stop you.
  7. Excellence. Whenever you succeed or learn something
  8. Rejuvenation. When you notice your level or energy seems plentiful when it used to be limited.

If you have an experience that may take a little longer or may take many years. During your journey you may experience may highs and lows. The feelings you may have in the end will probably be very similar if your journey would have happened in a faster pace.

The importance of what I’m trying to convey is that the journey is happening as much in your mind as it is occurring on the outside reflected in your health. The feelings you have are important and should be honored. As a health coach I am not judging or analyzing your feelings. I do try to respectfully present in what is alive in the person I am coaching. When I do this the person feels heard or understood.

If you are pondering the path of your health journey. Consider the services of a coach like me. If you do you will have someone that knows the needs of people going through the difficult journey of getting healthy.

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