I can remember the day that I loved learning new things. When you learn something new it can seem very abstract. If you are learning about diseases, as I did in my education, you often try to imagine how intense the experience must be. However there is nothing like real first person and real life experience.

Today we have the wonderful gift called a search engine. Perhaps you searched one of those engines to reach this blog post. The wonderful part of this is that we can get answers to health questions from may sources. This arms you before you actually consult a professional for a concrete diagnosis.

There is one drawback to having information at your fingertips which I have found and yet I don’t see many people really write about it. Having life saving information isn’t always in itself life saving.

Having life saving information isn’t always in itself lifesaving.

As a coach I find that my clients feel overwhelmed because they know they just need to make a lifestyle change to feel better and they keep failing. I help my clients by understanding the real feelings that they are feeling by having failed. After this they need to make an investigation as to why they failed. Was it the wrong remedy for them? Was it an error in implementation?

Even though the internet itself didn’t ruin your health, here are reasons to keep on searching.

Top 5 reasons you reverted to a internet search for your health.

1.You have exhausted your resources.

In the United states health insurance is often tied to a job. We can get supplemental income however healthcare is not included in this for most people. With few options to pay out of pocket a major resource for people with health issues disappears upon losing your job. In my practice I welcome people who are out of work. I offer rates that go as low as $15 per session. Please see my pricing faq page for my current pricing guidlines. http://joelperez.me/pricing-faq/

2. To do research on a crazy idea you heard.

Sometimes we hear promising news from trusted person about a health tip and they may even have evidence that what they are telling you works. However it is really hard to also learn from interactions like these about how to implement this into our own lives because of course we are all individuals. I don’t discriminate when people come to me with their own diets and exercise routines. This might sound counter intuitive because people assume I must know the optimal diet. While we in science can learn general rules of nutrition, the limits of those studies land right where your unique life, history and experience begin.

3. Its a subject your too embarrassed to talk about with your normal source.

When we have a health issue that we are embarrassed to speak about it could lead to the issue getting worse before we get enough courage to tell our practitioners about it. If you have a relationship with a health coach you literally begin a journal where you know that this person has your back no matter what happens. I can meet with someone virtually as well which can make someone more comfortable to say something they wouldn’t say if they were face to face with me. Health coaching sessions are client led, which means that we talk about the things you want to talk about. I only ask questions for your learning and not because I want to judge you or diagnose you.

4. To find an easy solution.

Sometimes we have issues that are annoying but aren’t to our understanding life threatening. Even if you have a great doctor, you may feel that speaking to them about this issue will seem trivial. Personally I think any great doctor will welcome any visit from a concerned patient. However cost and convenience may also be an issue. When you discuss an issue with a health coach a lot of time the client will have an epiphany, either during or after the session. Other times they might remember when they had a similar problem and how they resolved it.

5. You already tried everything you’ve been told.

Getting healthy can be exhausting because even great health advice as I said doesn’t always work. You might be the very resourceful person as I think all of my clients are. You probably asked your doctor, your best friend and made lengthy excursions into the medical literature. You were determined to learn every vocabulary word and sought interventions which your financial situation allowed. You finally decide that you might try interventions that aren’t quite conventional. They still might not work for whatever reason. When I work with clients I can help you dig deeper by giving you space to feel, think and go further than you ever had imagined.

When I work with clients I can help you dig deeper by giving you space to feel, think and go further than you ever had imagined.

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