Modern life is great. We are basically safe from many things that used to kill humans many thousands of years ago. However many of us are suffering from chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

One of the other benefits of modern life is that when we do feel bad there is often something you can do. Two things people often try are pharmaceuticals or other medical procedures. Other people know that you can find relief from many ailments by simply making a lifestyle choice change.

The point is to feel better and return to health. However things don’t always go perfectly as planned. And too often the health professional you are working with has hard time dealing with difficult emotions.

Here are the ways you may feel after failing to get better from a chronic disease:

1. Sad

Sadness is a straight forward feeling. Everyone knows what it feels like. Its dark and often helpless. Its based or coupled with fear that you might never feel better.

Often with feelings its great that somebody just acknowledges it. And that’s what I do.

2. impatient

Impatience is a feeling of something not happening fast enough. You might couple this with worry.

All feelings are valid. Its good to name a feeling every time we feel them. Its also good to find what human need they are tied to. Often my clients all share the same big need, “Health.”

3. fear

Fear can come to a client in some cases when things are going well in their health journey. It is not uncommon for client to try health regime which they never thought they would ever do. And when the change which they had doubts about suddenly makes them feel full of energy. It could be a lot to handle.

Feelings are often ways that our body tries to communicate to ourselves that something might be wrong. Imagine that, feeling better but then also scared if you could or should keep this up.

4. embarrassed

In every session I have with client I am often wondering, and sometimes I will ask, if they learned something new about themselves. And sometimes as we change we learn something new and possibly embarrassing.

Feeling embarrassed can often train our mind of something being wrong, However I rather point out that learning something new can be an opportunity for acting in a new manner which will lead you to success.

5. curious

If I do my job right my clients leave their coaching sessions curious. Curious is a feeling when all the sudden you notice a weakness in your knowledge. You wonder why you didn’t know this and whether this could lead to discovering more things that you were unaware of.

If curiosity, especially about health issues, comes up in a coaching session I always ask your permission to help you fill the holes. I don’t require you to listen to me. In fact I really hope you rather go out and learn it on your own.

6. concerned

When you feel concerned you might be thinking that something might or might not happen. Or maybe you unsure about something will turn out.

If you have high courage your level of concern might lower than your concern when you know you often get scared. Either way as a coach its my goal that you develop courage as you work with me. This way one day you might not need me anymore.

7. helpless

When you feel helpless this might be from having felt defeated. Its even worse when you have been defeated in a series. Needless to say the cure for this is a win.

In my practice, when my clients start to or before they feel helpless, I always try to find the little wins. Putting little wins together will lead to something big and I cant wait to see that.

I want you to feel better…

All feelings are valid and deserve to be talked about. Feelings tell us so much about ourselves. As a coach one of my greatest happy feelings come from knowing I help you know more about your own real feelings.

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