In order to answer that question I direct you to my about page where I state that I used an experimental mindset in order to figure out my biology and then lost 100 lbs in a year. Today I would like to come clean by saying that experimental mindset is not the wording that I prefer because in our society this “catch phrase” has a specific meaning to a lot of people.

Experimental Mindset

If you ever listened to the Tim Ferris podcast he mentions the phrase experimental mindset to describe himself and his audience. He is referring to the fact that his audience likes to try things.

The way I meant the term is I actually conducted experiments on different aspects of my health. Are you picturing beakers, a Bunsen burner and maybe some lab mice..? Well that’s not what I mean either. What I mean is that I tried very hard to make sure that when an experiment either worked or failed that I knew exactly what the reason was.

Lets pretend a person decides to try a remedy or protocol for helping him/her sleep and it worked or didn’t work. That person should try the remedy or protocol for enough days, noting how many days the remedy or protocol was followed correctly. Also that person should make sure to rule out other things that they may have done that could have affected the results.

Having this new found knowledge is great but the number one rule in science is that nothing, absolutely nothing is so sacred that it cant be torn to pieces. What I mean by this is you shouldn’t be surprised that you need to make adjustments or complete deletions in the future. As an example in the previous pretend situation. The person may have found out that it was actually an environmental factor that was affecting sleep and the remedy or protocol is no longer needed.

In conclusion, yes I had an experiemental mindset but more importantly I took the experiments that I did on myself seriously.

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