This article is on which workouts in my opinion will be great for someone that is just starting a new Keto diet. I am not trying to say that only some workouts will work while on keto. When you are starting a new diet. People seem to focus on the food, and that is understandable since it can be rough at first. However I can tell you from experience how pleasurable it can be to get healthy, it was on my journey and the key was movement. In this article I will tell you 5 things you should think about when you are picking a new type of exercise to do on your keto journey. 

In this article I am assuming you don’t already have a movement practice. A lot time when someone is unhealthy, the last thing they think of is to push your body to its limits. All sports push you to your limits and that is the funnest part of any sport of fitness practice. But now that you feel better after having started a new diet, be it Keto, Paleo or whatever else I can also assume that you feel much better. Here are the five things you should consider before you start a new sport of fitness program. 

5 things to consider when picking up a new sport of fitness practice. 

  1. Where did the sport come from? Its important to know the origins of a sport because this will make you deeper research more easy to find. For example, if a sport was designed by a reputable source but then was later changed by a less reputable person trying to capitalize, thereby rendering it less effective. 
  2. Once you have verified # 1 then as you continue your search make sure that other sources are are telling the same story. Look for trademarks. Some fitness practices like MovNat and Crossfit have centralized directories where you can verify that the person you contact has been trained appropriately and to what level. 
  3. Visit the gym or meet with the coach to ask questions. Try to meet with the owner one on one if possible. 
  4. One important question to ask the gym or trainer is, what diets are does your program recommend. You should let the trainer know that as a Keto Dieter you are trying to regain your health naturally and dont desire any weight loss supplements. 
  5. On your visit to the gym or with a trainer try to get a sense for whether you feel a good and friendly vibe. This us important because as you get healthy you will want to spend more time working out.

One good option is to learn something that you can do anywhere, especially at home.

It might seem easier for some to just join a gym that is well equipped and plenty of knowledgeable trainers around. But one thing people often overlook is that their own life is already pretty busy. If your life is busy that unfortunately is not something you can just ignore. This is why I wanted to point out an option that not many people know is available. There are sports that cab be learned easily which you can do in your own home or while traveling with minimal or no equipment. Here are 2 things you can look into.

 2 thing you can easily do at home with little equipment.

  1. Running and trail running. Yes you may never have dreamed that you could be a runner but you never felt so good. This sport can be learned by reading many great books written by super athletes and by the way, why not listen to the book while your run? 
  2. Natural movement Fitness ie: Movnat.   This physical fitness form is based on the movements that humans were meant to do. Learning this fitness regimen will teach you why the modern environment is so mal adapted to what we are naturally. There are great video courses online to learn the basics of natural movement. At first you will be confined to what the video shows you, But once you get the gist you will see how easy and versatile it really is.

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